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Professional Services


Being trained in Gottman Method of couples therapy, I apply evidenced-based, scientific approaches that are proven to be 96% effective in treating common marital conflict issues. I will teach you the tools necessary for healthy communication and intimacy. Common marital conflict seen include communication issues, infertility and infidelity. 


Treating individuals over the course of several years, I have helped clients manage and overcome problems such as low self-esteem, intergenerational trauma, substance abuse issues, anxiety and depression, to name a few, utilizing a client-focused and solution oriented approach.


Holding a Masters Degree in Family Therapy, I have specialized training in providing therapeutic services to multiple individuals within a family system at once. I will hold space for you and your loved ones to navigate through challenging and trying times while helping to foster a new understanding amongst one another.


Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a comprehensive approach to treating unresolved trauma. Unhealthy behaviors manifest from unprocessed and unresolved memories & events in our lives. Finding freedom comes from unlocking these painful memories and reprocessing in a healthy, safe and supportive environment for a corrective experience.


CBT is one of the most widely used and effective methods of psychotherapy. Simply put, this approach will help you change the way you think so you can change unwanted behaviors. I will help walk you through new ways of looking at things which will ultimately shift behaviors towards your desired outcome.


Struggling with self-esteem is an extremely common issue. I am truly passionate about helping others find self-love and self-respect that will sustain over time. Internal happiness and self-acceptance will lead to beautiful new beginnings. 

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